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"Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective"

Courtney's Marketing Philosophy

Nobody Likes to Be "Sold To"

Today's consumers are smarter than ever and traditional sales and marketing tactics can be recognized (and ignored) in an instant. Nobody likes to be "sold to" so instead of focusing solely on a traditional approach to marketing, I believe in focusing on getting to know your audience, grabbing and holding their attention in creative ways, building your brand's community, and providing them with as personal of an experience as possible. Yes, there are lots of other steps involved in a good marketing strategy, but I believe good results come for businesses with good intentions that show they care about their customers at every step of the brand interaction.

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Courtney Remley, Owner


Officially formed December 2021, Zealbird LLC was slowly in the works for many years as Courtney Remley, owner, accepted freelance marketing work on the side while working full-time marketing jobs in several diverse industries. Courtney began to recognize that many small businesses and non-profits were not at a point in their growth where they could hire full-time, or even part-time, dedicated marketing staff. Likewise, she knew from experience that working with a traditional marketing agency can be expensive and is disconnected from day-to-day operations. Zealbird aims to bridge that gap by providing affordable services while serving as an extension of your team.

Small Town Small Business

It's the best time in history to market a small business!

Find out why in Zealbird's recent blog post.

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