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Why It's the Best Time in History to Market a Small Business!

From affordability to opportunity, there's arguably never been a better time to market a small business.

It's Free to Connect & Curate Content for Your Community

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools for small business owners. It is a free, easy way to build a loyal following. Businesses are also investing time growing their client-base through social media in a variety of ways including:

  • Using influencers with high follower counts to spread awareness of their brand and products/services.

  • Holding giveaways and contests where customers are asked to engage by tagging a friend - meaning another set of eyes might be introduced to your brand for the first time by their friend who loves the brand enough to engage in a contest.

  • Hosting Instagram & Facebook live sales events so customers can purchase without leaving their house or visiting an online store directly.

  • Reposting customer videos & images when a customer tags the business handle, tags the business location, or uses the company hashtag. This makes the original customer feel special plus demonstrates the active use of the product/service to prospective buyers.

  • And more!

Target Your Exact Audience with Any Budget

Advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, and more has made it possible to reach your very specific audience with practically any budget. While big box brands still have more money to pump into digital advertising, the "little guys" still have opportunity to get their products and brand in front of consumers. With all of the targeting criteria options available, these platforms ensure your limited budget is not wasted on the wrong people. Are you a local daycare that wants to reach moms and dads, ages 25-35, who live within 5 miles of zip code 46131, and have been searching for the term "daycares near me"? You can put your website or digital ad right in front of consumers who fit that criteria for any budget.

The Focus on Small & Local is Back

Have you noticed growth in individuals wanting to support their local business owners? "Shop Local" was already trending before COVID, but I especially attribute this strengthened, renewed focus on supporting local business owners to the negative impact COVID had for many small business owners who struggled or had to close up shop. We all have a family member or friend whose business or workplace was severely effected and those memories don't fade fast. Of course, the competition of cheaper online shopping options like Amazon are certainly not going anywhere, but many consumers feel better (and even AWESOME) about their purchase if they see the people and story behind it. Don't be afraid to incorporate who you are into your marketing. Sometimes consumers are more inclined to make a purchase because of the people and brand story than the products themselves.

Big Investments in Small City Redevelopment & Historic Preservation

The days of abandoned buildings in city squares are almost behind us! Communities across the nation are seeing huge investments through redevelopment grants and private development in downtown districts. There are several facade grants, grants for buildings that are considered "historic," and more. Cities are seeking vibrant restaurants, coffee shops, and entertainment to attract and retain residents while supporting economic growth. In essence, cities are becoming even more invested in seeing small businesses in their community not just survive, but thrive so see what programs and opportunities your city offers small businesses!

Your Reach Could Be Global

Many small businesses aim their marketing at their local community, and that's great! However, running a small business doesn't mean you are limited to selling to just those in your geographic location. With social media and other mass marketing tools, your business reach is limitless. If you have a product to ship or a service that can be provided remotely, think about increasing your odds of conversion by increasing your audience reach to wider markets that make sense for your brand. Of course, expanding your business to national, or even international, audiences has its own complexities (let's start with sales tax alone), but gaining enough attention and attraction in wider markets could be worth the obstacles.

Want to know more about marketing your small business?

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